Feeling panicked and distressed after experiencing some horrific event that threatens life or causes serious physical injury.


  • - Frequent thoughts/dreams about traumatic events
  • - Feeling in great pain, fear or helplessness
  • - There will be strong physical and psychological reactions when faced with situations related to traumatic events
  • - Trying to avoid memories, feelings or people related to the event
  • - Excessive arousal, difficulty relaxing, etc.

Other symptoms
  • - Insomnia
  • - Headache
  • - Pessimistic about the future
  • - Loses temper easily
  • - Not interested in most things
  • - Feeling alienated from others, etc

Ideological and behavioral patterns of patients with "post-traumatic stress disorder"

Objective EventObjective Event:
Being strangled and robbed
Negative subjective thoughts:
Why did I take this path? well! Otherwise, you don't have to be robbed! The world is so unsafe. I wonder if something will happen again if we continue on this path?
Emotion: helpless, worried
Body: Rapid heartbeat, nightmares
Behavior: Avoid walking past the place where the incident occurred
Because I feel that the world is unsafe, I feel helpless and uneasy, and I have no intention of planning my future.