Persistent low mood or lack of energy, and sometimes high mood or irritability

Other symptoms of mania
  • - Very excited
  • - Very anxious
  • - Sleeping less than usual
  • - Increased costs
  • - Talk more
  • - Thinking of many things
  • - Easily distracted than usual
  • - More powerful than usual
  • - More confident than usual
  • - More active than usual
  • - More enthusiastic than usual
  • - More interest in sex than usual
  • - Do more adventurous things than usual

Other Symptoms of Depression

  • [Body]
  • Significant changes in appetite/weight
  • Insomnia/Snooze
  • Tired
  • Slow movement
  • Daily activities are significantly reduced, etc.

  • [Emotion/Thought]
  • Restless and worried
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Poor memory
  • Suicidal tendencies or thoughts
  • Pessimism, feeling useless, etc.

「Thought and behavioral patterns of patients with depression

Objective events:
Get promoted at work
Excessively positive subjective thoughts:
I am much more capable than other colleagues! The progress of my subordinates is too slow and they can't keep up with my pace! I should tell the CEO face to face tomorrow how to reform the company!
Mood: high, confident
Physical: Active, reduced need for sleep
Behavior: Easily act impulsively, overconfident, have many plans
Being too impulsive or risky, leading to possible problems with relationships, risky investments, overspending, or overindulgence.