Feeling scared or uneasy suddenly and often, reaching the most severe level within about 10 minutes, and having at least 4 of the following symptoms:

  • - Rapid heartbeat
  • - Sweating
  • - Trembling
  • - Difficulty breathing
  • - Chest discomfort
  • - Boredom/Nausea
  • - Dizziness
  • - Chills/Fever
  • - Feeling of numbness/tingling
  • - Feeling like there is a lump in your throat, etc

  • - Fear of losing control/insanity/going crazy
  • - Fear of death
  • - Feeling that things around you are unreal
  • - Feeling distraught, etc

Other symptoms:
  • - Worrying about reoccurring and avoiding going out alone
  • - Feeling depressed
  • - Decreased self-confidence
  • - Worry about the sequelae of the attack

Thought and behavior patterns of patients with "panic disorder"

Objective event:
Driving on the highway
Negative subjective thoughts:
Oops! I started to feel dizzy and my heart beat again. I would definitely lose control and I had to stop and rest!
Emotion: worry, nervousness
Body: Heartbeat, difficulty breathing
Behavior: U-turn, avoid the highway in the future
From now on, I will be afraid of driving on the highway or going to situations that may cause panic attacks, which will greatly affect my life.