Are drugs addictive?

The new generation of mood regulators are not addictive sedatives.

Will food and medicine change your personality?

Yes, because medication may bring you back to your old cheerful state.

Need medicine for the rest of your life?

Mood disorders, like high blood pressure and diabetes, require maintenance medication. After a course of treatment, the doctor will evaluate the patient's progress and the dosage of medication can be reduced or even no longer required.

Only patients with serious illnesses need drug treatment?

Of course you don't need to take medicine if you are not sick. Mild illnesses can receive cognitive behavioral therapy, and moderate or above illnesses generally require drug treatment.

Does medicine have many side effects?

All drugs have side effects, but the new generation of mood regulators have reduced the side effects and most are mild, short-lived and acceptable.

Psychological treatment is sufficient, medication is not needed?

If psychological treatment is sufficient, drugs are certainly not needed; but if drug treatment is additionally helpful to the patient, drugs combined with psychotherapy can be more effective.

Aren't sedatives calmer and more effective?

No. Long-term use of sedatives can lead to drug failure, addiction, memory loss, reduced work ability, and may even lead to more severe depression.