Emotional illness is a very common urban disease. Lack of understanding from family members will make the condition worse. Expressing inner feelings can Deepening your family's understanding of you, and the understanding and encouragement of your family and friends are very important for treatment.

  • Tell your family members about your symptoms, such as irritability, loss, worry, insomnia, headaches, etc., hoping that your family members can understand and help you, thereby speeding up the recovery process.

  • Telling your family that you are sick is caused by an imbalance of chemical transmitters in the brain, and is not caused by common misunderstandings such as low IQ, mental disorder, and confusion. Like other physical illnesses (such as colds), emotional illnesses can be fully recovered after a period of treatment.

  • Tell your family that you are receiving medication and/or cognitive behavioral therapy to improve the balance of brain chemical transmitters. The course of rehabilitation and relapse prevention treatment takes about six months to a year; and the new generation Mood regulators are non-addictive, and clinical studies show that 70% of patients can fully recover after treatment.

  • Tell your family not to worry too much, as experienced doctors and clinical psychologists will tailor treatments to adjust your own values in life and deal with symptoms of emotional illness. If possible, it is recommended that the family make an appointment with the relevant doctor and clinical psychologist.